There is one very important thing about today… Today i downloaded Newton Faulkners new album 🙂 all is well with the world.

So far i’ve stuck to my decision to treat the holidays like a weekend and cram as much as i can in…. Heres a lift.

I have……

Made cup cakes…. Butterfly cupcakes….


Bought a bike! Its a raleigh cameo with is about a million years old ( ok maybe 40) in a dark red! I havea basket and im waiting for new tyres to arrive for this weekend when me and Sam are gonna pretty it up. 🙂

Spent a day in Starbucks crocheting and knitting!

Went to a craft fayre with demonstrations of both lacing and Spinning!

Failed to find a vintage and antique fayre i was promised and then got caught in the rain on the way back

Made approximately 15 new hexipuffs for the in between bees quilt ive een making since December.

Went for a couple of nice walks with My Sam around stamford and werrington

Made 3 teacosies, a phone cosy, 2 pot holders and a few more HIP2B SQUARES.

Spent a day in hunstanton with my dad, my nan and my grandad….it was tough. Lols


Wondered round a lavender centre and had a cup of tea


Painted my toe nails twice and my finger nails so they now look at pretty.

Assembled all the cake plates, saucers and two of the cups for my mismatched teaparty tea set 🙂 only a few more pieces left. Its hard when everything pretty is made from bone china 😦

Finally got round to watching The Help on dvd…its not as good as the book but its still really sweet.

Sorted out a lot of my craft stuff and put things into lots of tins and boxes….vintage tins may i add 😉

Started a new blanket. I found a tasty new crochet pattern which i started today. This was really kind of an excuse to buy lots more wool ( 6 balls each of all 5 colours ) but if its part of a project then IT DOESNT COUNT AS STASH! …honest


So.. All in all its not been bad. Im sure theres been more. But hey! Im only on my second week of holiday. There WILL be more. 🙂


Look what my Sam made me 😀 i love Sam AND Cliff!



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