More warm days

Summer Holidays 2012: DAY 4 – Tuesday 24th July

Achievements: getting out of bed early! Rocking up to the gym to see Gary ( my old youth worker) and succeeding in discussing his latest project whilst in a jacuzzi…

Succeeding in getting the Werrington Brownies involved in my HIP2B SQUARE PROJECT in September…

Meeting Emily in town for tea and talks. Planning future HIP2B SQUARE days in town, flyering slightly for my vegetarian group, deciding on dates for summer camping, planning the entire weekend which is now filled with craft fayres, wool spinning classes ( which I am very excited about!) vintage and antique fairs and bbqs in the sun…. 🙂

Going for a walk with Sam in the eve before falling asleep far too early before being awoken by my daft crazy barking dog at 5am…

I wonder what today will bring. 🙂

We’ll just have to see… 🙂

Over x


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