So.. I work in a school. Usually. Sometimes i just knit. But i digress… Working in a school means lots of good things. I get to be part of childrens education, i get to do fun things like facepainting, i get to see a (sometimes) totally different perspective on life. Bu most importantly to me right now is that i get SIX weeks holiday 🙂

Im determined to ensure that i dont waste them either. When i had summer holidays when i was younger the days sort of merged together somewhat, bt when i ave weekend times i seem to be able to overfill my time with masses of things i have to do. I shall therefore be treating the nex six weeks as one big weekend. Let me tell you how is gone so far…

Summer Holidays 2012: DAY 1 – Saturday 21st July ( an actual weekend day)
Saturday was the first nice weather we had for a few days which seemed highly appropriate for the first day of the summer holidays. I spend it on a stall selling teacosies, headbands, phone cases etc etc at St Johns Chuch Craft Fair. I did not lose money. This is good. Then Sam and I had a delightful pizza before heading home, from a little tucked away bistro where the staff remembered my order perfectly from my last visit….apparently they dont get many vegans. Weird.

Summer Holidays 2012: DAY 2 – Sunday 22nd July ( also an actual weekend day)
The good weather continues into the new week when Sam and I get up early (to packed sandwiches and crisps-thanks mom!) to get in the bus and drive to BugJam 26 at Santa Pod near northampton

Summer Holidays 2012: DAY 3 – Monday 23rd July ( NOT an actual weekend day…)
Today i succeeded in finishing the rug i was working on from strips of discarded mummy costume..

This was te work in progress on my peg loom. I dont use this enough! It was small pegs on one side and large pegs on te other. Used every other large peg for this project but looking at the loom has made me want to do a thiner just wool based weave 🙂 soon….


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