Anger Anger

You know who I hate?

The Bored People. No, Not the boring people. I’m OK with them; someones gotta do the job. If it werent for boring people then the cost of yarn would sky rocket as everyone would want to learn to crochet. No no. The Bored people. The people who throw their hands in the air with overly dramatic frustration, The ones that flounce about and huff onto sofas and sigh and pout and tap and moan. The people who flick aimlessly through television channels and then update their facebook statuses to let everyone know just how dull and uninteresting they’re choosing to make their lives by NOT being productive even a little bit…

How Very Dare You?!

Of all the things you could contribute to society, if all you can manage is a feeble online complaint then I would suggest jumping off a cliff as right now that would be of far more use to the world as it may provide a small amount of entertainment at the very least.

How DARE you waste time? How dare you bare your dull grey existance like a badge of honour on facebook? The world does not owe you entertainment. YOU are the one who owes. So pay your debt and become interesting. Do you know how many hours there are in a day? If your answer was not immediately NOT ENOUGH! you should seriously reconsider what the hell you’re spending all your time doing…

Boredom is what you get when you choose to ignore imagination. Think of boredom as a piece of chewed up gum stuck to the shoe of Life. Tasteless, Colourless, Kinda sucky. Absolutely no use and terrible for the environment….NOW Think of imagination as the Elvis Presley of personality assets. Scores of hits, major success, Thousands and thousands of screaming fans. They didnt call him the King for nothing. But If Elvis has left the building… then we have a problem…



One thought on “Anger Anger

  1. I read this bleary eyed this morning not long out of bed, what a good way to start the day! Loved the idea of boredom being like chewing gum on the shoe of Life.

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