So. Sam.

This is Sam.

To save me going into a propaganda speech that’d possibly convince my parents his intentions are honorable… heres a list of the things Sam does do.

1. He paints and draws
2. He canoes and kayaks (and teaches them…)
3. He camps
4. He carves wood
5. He enjoys good movies
6. He drives a VW Bus. Not van. Bus.
7. He does things for charity (sort of)
8. He squints a little when he’s thinking
9. He screen prints
10. He fiddles and fixes and tampers and improves

And here’s a list of things he doesnt do.

1. He doesn’t watch football
2. He doesn’t sleep the weekend away
3. He doesn’t wear baggy underwear
4. He doesn’t mix food. Or eat eggs
5. He doesn’t talk for the sake of talking
6. He doesn’t like singer song writers
7. He doesn’t play hours of video games
8. He doesn’t randomly murder people
9. He doesn’t take a challenge lightly
10. He doesn’t bore me.

So. How’s that for a slice of fried Gold? 😉

Guess I got a boyfriend now….this is when the adventure starts isn’t it?


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