So. Sam.

This is Sam.

To save me going into a propaganda speech that’d possibly convince my parents his intentions are honorable… heres a list of the things Sam does do.

1. He paints and draws
2. He canoes and kayaks (and teaches them…)
3. He camps
4. He carves wood
5. He enjoys good movies
6. He drives a VW Bus. Not van. Bus.
7. He does things for charity (sort of)
8. He squints a little when he’s thinking
9. He screen prints
10. He fiddles and fixes and tampers and improves

And here’s a list of things he doesnt do.

1. He doesn’t watch football
2. He doesn’t sleep the weekend away
3. He doesn’t wear baggy underwear
4. He doesn’t mix food. Or eat eggs
5. He doesn’t talk for the sake of talking
6. He doesn’t like singer song writers
7. He doesn’t play hours of video games
8. He doesn’t randomly murder people
9. He doesn’t take a challenge lightly
10. He doesn’t bore me.

So. How’s that for a slice of fried Gold? 😉

Guess I got a boyfriend now….this is when the adventure starts isn’t it?



I’ve got an actual post up my sleeve (figurative as im in a vest) but as its time to go to work for now…. Lookie


😀 x

Amazing things!

So I’ve been pretty busy this half term. A week off 🙂

I’m part of a handmade in Peterborough creative group which meets every monday in the Brewery Tap in town at 7pm to sit and make stuff and chat…sounds boring? Not even. Much hilarity isually happens, and a few amazing people organsed a Pop up Shop down bridge street fir all handmade in peterborogh sellers. (Rosielee upoftea has her teacosies amongst other things on sale…)

I has been a fab week! Lots of sitting in the shop and crocheting and formulating of many exciting ideas in my brain… Which il get to later.

But first you must see THIS




Yesterday was International Yarn Bombing day. When I found out I promptly texted Emily (a co yarn fanatic) and we began to formulate a plan involving a tree and lots of scraps of yarn 🙂

The next afternoon, withthe help of some fantastic people and some grand spanky sunshine weather… VOILA. One snuggy warn yarn bombed tree. 🙂 swish.
It was a great talking point, got lots of people into the shop and was a joy to create.

Oh. This is my shop stuff by the way ROSIELEECUPOFTEA 🙂


I made some pretty teapot cosy holders too


I had also organised another vegetarian picnic on Saturday as the last one was so darn fun. 🙂 it was a small group both times but its still very promising. Iv spoken to a lot of people and sent off for a lot of stuff to help organise a good solid info base and im going to start organising some proper networking to advertise soon.
The first meeting was grand (even though the old stills fire alarm went off for no apparent reason..) and it was a really nice place to hold it too, louise and glen brought their children with them and their little boy Zach absolutely loved all the nooks and crannies in the building. Much cake, sushi, rice, more cake and crackers was had.
The second meeting was due to be held in the park but the weather reports were pretty dire for sat so i asked the organisors of an event being held the same day if we ould move to their venue, the Green backyard. This place is a massive area of land that has been basically transformed into a hippy paradise with veg growing, chivkens clucking, willow weavings, covered sheltered areas, big graffitti boards and fences and lots of open picnic space! Excellent. It was even better then the first time. And zach liked the bunnies 😉

But anyway. NOW. Im making plans….

I had the idea a while ago to do a Sponsor a Square or SQUAREUP project where I ( and anyone else I can persuade) make granny squares and sell them for a poundand ten sew them togeter in a blanket and ten auction it off for charity. So each square makes money plus the end result does too…. Now im fantasising about the idea of a charity YARN BOMB. i’m on it for the summer with the Handmade In Peterborough lot and then i’m totallly loving the idea for a School and wider community project in Sept with the end yarn bomb at christmas time! Itll be amazing…..

But anyway. More about tihs when Im not in the shop creating more yarn bomb. In the mean ti e, here another picture.

I’ll tell you about Sam later 😉

Over and out. X