Veggie things

Don’t you just hate the word Veggie…ugh its so lame. Unfortunately thats what you get labelled as if you don’t eat meat… A veggie. Bah. Its almost as bad as living in ‘P-BO’ gay.

Although saying that, I clearly remember regarding the word ‘VEGAN’ as being way out there on the left and pretty freaky…funny now I am one hmm? Very funny…. O.o

Anyway. Tonight is cookery / not so much cookery as Baking the hell out of my kitchen night as tomorrow is (as organised by yours truly) the official first meat up (aha i jest) of the Peterborough Vegetarian and Vegan group. :). Yup that’s right, vegetarians and vegans coming together to eat eachothers food and bore eachoter about how they became vegan/vegetarian in the first place. I love it.
Basically it’s a Greet and Eat. A Bring and Try. A rub and grub, and so on and so forth etc etc and all that. You get the idea. You turn up. You bring food. You eat. Simplez.

So I was thinking I was gonna make something savoury as most people will be bringing sweet stuff…but then I found THIS recipe…

Recipe Here….

The pictures seduced me real bad…so I’ll be taking a trip to the old convenient store soon enough.

I also dug this one up from one of my favourite websites…


Millionaire Shortbread – Cherry’s Parsley Soup Website

I’m also gonna take some cheese and biscuits ( not REAL cheese obviously…crazy vegans) so I guess thats the savoury base covered. I’ll take some chutney too perhaps. Go a little vegan crazy….I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂


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