Project KCCY

Good evening 🙂

Bank holiday sunday, full weekend behind me and i’ve still got one day left….swish.

So train journies. I like them! Mostly because i have a nice allotted space of time to crochet something grand. I didnt crochet much on my journey today though, i taught a stranger to do it instead 🙂
It’s kinda cool when stuff happens that brings people together for no apparent reason. I was crocheting some phone cases for the Green Festival on the train to Stratford Upon Avon a couple of days ago and a woman was sitting opposite on her laptop. We exchanged a dozen or so words about what I was crocheting just before we got off at birmingham and going our seperate ways. Then today on my way home i missed my connection from birmingam to peterborough and had like an hour and a half to wait. So I got food and went to sit near my platform. Next thing i hear a “hey! Its the girl who was crocheting on the train!” lol guess who’s train was delayed and had to get the next one to London which happened to pass through peterborough…. 🙂
Happy times. We chatted til our train arrived. Turns out her mother in law has recently taught her 8 year old daughter to knit so theres a whole lot of wool in her house atm. ( her mum has a Knitting ROOM – this is what I aspire to!) but the crochet lust won out in the end and by the time I stepped off the train in peterborough We had a brand new granny square, Victoria (that was her name dont you know) had a brand new addiction, and i had another success story for Project KEEP CALM CARRY YARN (which I may have just made up…)


This is her square – she just took a pic and emailed it to me. First square treasure! 😀

I think i want to make a crochet Family tree. With all the people i’ve taught to crochet on it and all the people theyve taught to crochet on it… It will be magnificent! If i can remember them all. Which I cannot.

I see a flaw in this plan….

Hey hum. In the mean time i’ll show you my weekend phone cases 😀



UPDATE: My little travel student’s crochet skills are progressing… Lookit… Kindle cover 🙂 love it



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