Yeah so people have liked my designs on Ravelry! 😀

I added a couple of pages of things i’ve made on my page and once I stop being lazy I will add them onto here and then link them. Swish. I am an official un-official crochet designer. WIN

….and that’s pretty much it.

Oh I lie. Two things i’ll probably be talking about.

My headteacher has said I can have a teaparty in the sinner hour for some kids which is ACE and I’m waiting to hear back from a venue about hosting a Vegetarian group ‘Bring food and Eat’ evening too. Watch this space… Because I am very excited about this……

And also

Emily ( awesome Handmade In Peterborough / HIP co-conspirator ) has demanded that I participate in the pop up shop this year by providing things to sell. Funnily enough I agreed.
This explains why I spent my evening tonight making many granny squared phone covers in varying shades of Amazing.
My stash of teacosies and flower headbands etc is slowly growing but i’ve definately got some work to do yet. I like that thought 🙂 yay work.

Ok i think. I’m done for now. Anyway The dog is presenting me with a deflated football ( i say that like its an UNcommon occurance….)

Over and Out.



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