Veggie things

Don’t you just hate the word Veggie…ugh its so lame. Unfortunately thats what you get labelled as if you don’t eat meat… A veggie. Bah. Its almost as bad as living in ‘P-BO’ gay.

Although saying that, I clearly remember regarding the word ‘VEGAN’ as being way out there on the left and pretty freaky…funny now I am one hmm? Very funny…. O.o

Anyway. Tonight is cookery / not so much cookery as Baking the hell out of my kitchen night as tomorrow is (as organised by yours truly) the official first meat up (aha i jest) of the Peterborough Vegetarian and Vegan group. :). Yup that’s right, vegetarians and vegans coming together to eat eachothers food and bore eachoter about how they became vegan/vegetarian in the first place. I love it.
Basically it’s a Greet and Eat. A Bring and Try. A rub and grub, and so on and so forth etc etc and all that. You get the idea. You turn up. You bring food. You eat. Simplez.

So I was thinking I was gonna make something savoury as most people will be bringing sweet stuff…but then I found THIS recipe…

Recipe Here….

The pictures seduced me real bad…so I’ll be taking a trip to the old convenient store soon enough.

I also dug this one up from one of my favourite websites…


Millionaire Shortbread – Cherry’s Parsley Soup Website

I’m also gonna take some cheese and biscuits ( not REAL cheese obviously…crazy vegans) so I guess thats the savoury base covered. I’ll take some chutney too perhaps. Go a little vegan crazy….I’ll let you know how it turns out 🙂


Post Wales ache

Good afterbreakfast.

Today is a slow day after a week of year 5 residential in the Forest of Dean. After hiking, canoeing, sculpture parks, talent contests, friendship bracelets, zombie movies, castles, sword fighting, extreme outdoor exploration and coal mines you’d also be tired…so i broke out Buddy Holly Greatest Hits and the glitter glue this afternoon 🙂


I was adding to my corsage flowers for the Green Festival. They look better now. I should find some motivation to get up and cookdinner..,but i cant bring myself to do it for some reason. Il blame the tiredness but i suspect laziness is the culprit….


I realise that i’m blogging more than is healthy this week but gimme a break im a newbie (plus I was home ill today)

Anyway, I wanted to share some awesome with you.

Check this out.

A swishy person named Trudy made me a hobbit broach 🙂 yeaah. It’s so pretty. I need a cloak now. I commandeered a sewing machine for a few days yesterday so In theory this could happen…. Except I got other things I wanna sew. 🙂


So i havent really got much else to say so i’m gonna sign off until something interesting happens in my life….please dont anyone hold their breath.

Project KCCY

Good evening 🙂

Bank holiday sunday, full weekend behind me and i’ve still got one day left….swish.

So train journies. I like them! Mostly because i have a nice allotted space of time to crochet something grand. I didnt crochet much on my journey today though, i taught a stranger to do it instead 🙂
It’s kinda cool when stuff happens that brings people together for no apparent reason. I was crocheting some phone cases for the Green Festival on the train to Stratford Upon Avon a couple of days ago and a woman was sitting opposite on her laptop. We exchanged a dozen or so words about what I was crocheting just before we got off at birmingham and going our seperate ways. Then today on my way home i missed my connection from birmingam to peterborough and had like an hour and a half to wait. So I got food and went to sit near my platform. Next thing i hear a “hey! Its the girl who was crocheting on the train!” lol guess who’s train was delayed and had to get the next one to London which happened to pass through peterborough…. 🙂
Happy times. We chatted til our train arrived. Turns out her mother in law has recently taught her 8 year old daughter to knit so theres a whole lot of wool in her house atm. ( her mum has a Knitting ROOM – this is what I aspire to!) but the crochet lust won out in the end and by the time I stepped off the train in peterborough We had a brand new granny square, Victoria (that was her name dont you know) had a brand new addiction, and i had another success story for Project KEEP CALM CARRY YARN (which I may have just made up…)


This is her square – she just took a pic and emailed it to me. First square treasure! 😀

I think i want to make a crochet Family tree. With all the people i’ve taught to crochet on it and all the people theyve taught to crochet on it… It will be magnificent! If i can remember them all. Which I cannot.

I see a flaw in this plan….

Hey hum. In the mean time i’ll show you my weekend phone cases 😀



UPDATE: My little travel student’s crochet skills are progressing… Lookit… Kindle cover 🙂 love it



Yeah so people have liked my designs on Ravelry! 😀

I added a couple of pages of things i’ve made on my page and once I stop being lazy I will add them onto here and then link them. Swish. I am an official un-official crochet designer. WIN

….and that’s pretty much it.

Oh I lie. Two things i’ll probably be talking about.

My headteacher has said I can have a teaparty in the sinner hour for some kids which is ACE and I’m waiting to hear back from a venue about hosting a Vegetarian group ‘Bring food and Eat’ evening too. Watch this space… Because I am very excited about this……

And also

Emily ( awesome Handmade In Peterborough / HIP co-conspirator ) has demanded that I participate in the pop up shop this year by providing things to sell. Funnily enough I agreed.
This explains why I spent my evening tonight making many granny squared phone covers in varying shades of Amazing.
My stash of teacosies and flower headbands etc is slowly growing but i’ve definately got some work to do yet. I like that thought 🙂 yay work.

Ok i think. I’m done for now. Anyway The dog is presenting me with a deflated football ( i say that like its an UNcommon occurance….)

Over and Out.