So then…

I bit the bullet and made a blog.

Its been a while coming but it’s my mothers birthday today so I thought I’d make me a present. I’m a good daughter.

Actually I’m lying (not about the good daughter thing…I’m amazing) the reason I began this blog today is because after taking a photo of the turtle phone cover I made for my mum’s birthday present I realised that yet again I would be loading an improvised project onto my ravelry account. I think that it is probably about time I have somewhere to share the patterns so I can link them up for others. It’s just no fun when you find something you like and have no pattern (or worse, have to pay an extortionate amount just to get said pattern) so here we are. I even have an app for my ipad. Impressive WordPress. Points to you.

The only thing stopping me being a blogging superhero now is the same thing stopping me going to the gym…. My arch nemesis laziness.

And just so as to start as I mean to go on, I now share with you one of the more common occurances in my life….my dog Ynys getting himself into photos when he wasnt invited.